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All titles for Oregon & Washington will be awarded appointed and you will advance directly to Nationals!  Our goal is to give you and your family a wonderful experience filled with encouraging memories. 


Oregon & Washington appointed titles are open to all residents and out-of-state students attending an Oregon & Washington university. 


Join the ARB Family today!  Enter now and be a part of the "Crown to Serve” movement.

General Information

Age Divisions:​

  • Baby Princess 0-18mos

  • Tiny Princess 19mos-3yrs

  • Princess 4-6 yrs

  • Sweetheart 7-9 yrs

  • Pre-Teen 10-12 yrs

  • Jr. Teen 13-15 yrs

  • Teen 16-18 yrs (Unmarried)

  • Miss  19-29 yrs (Unmarried)

  • Ms. 30-44 yrs (Married or unmarried)

  • Elegant Ms. 45 & Up (Married or unmarried)

  • Mrs. all ages (Married)


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