Formal Wear 

  • Each contestant will have their moment alone in the spotlight in a formal gown of her choice.

  • Small sweeps are allowed in age groups Jr. Teen - Ms. A small slit is also permitted in the age groups Teen - Ms. Sexy dresses showing too much skin are discouraged in all age divisions. Baby, Tiny, Princess, and Sweetheart contestants should have straps on their gowns.

  • Gowns should gently brush the ground, and at most be no more than 1” from the floor in the Sweetheart, and Pre-Teen divisions. Baby, Tiny, and Princess divisions are allowed to wear short cupcake style dresses or long formals. 

  • Any color gown is welcome, please choose your color to suit your complexion and personality.

  • This will be your time to shine and display your grace on stage. Be sure to make eye contact with each judge and show them your beautiful smile. Baby, Tiny, and Princess contestants will be judged on personality rather than poise. 



  • Personal interview with the judges will be a two-minute or four-minute session depending on your age division.

  • This will be a panel interview where you will meet with all judges at the same time.

  • Contestants in the Sweetheart division will have a two-minute interview. Contestants in the Pre-Teen through Ms. divisions will have a four-minute interview. Contestants in the Baby, Tiny, and Princess Divisions do not participate in Interview. 

  • There will be a total of 3-4 professional pageant judges in the room conducting your panel interview. This is the best way for the judges to get to know you on a personal level and really see your personality shine. The judges want to see the real you, do not rehearse your answers; the judges can tell if you are not being real.

  • The outfit should be something fresh, simple, and age appropriate. Preferably, contestants should be in a business or church dress. No pants will be allowed in this competition. Choose solid colors, and stay away from busy patterns and too much jewelry - a simple statement necklace is fine. Your shoes can be any color but preferably closed toe and simple. Remember that you are trying to achieve a polished, put-together look.


Introduction (Nationals Only) 

  • Your personal introduction will be done on stage. Please note: Contestants in the Baby, Tiny, and Princess Divisions do not participate in Introduction. 

  • You will wear your interview dress for this competition. This is the only time you will do your introduction.

  • You will have a total of 30 seconds to deliver your introduction.

  • Your Introduction should contain your name, hometown and state, and include one interesting fact about yourself. Above all strive to be real and let your personality shine!

  • Introduction Example: I’m an enthusiastic 4th grader coming to you from My Town, USA! One day I plan to be the first female on Mars. When I’m not gazing at the sky, I’m at home playing with my new puppy and enjoying time with my family. Remember my name, Sarah Sue Smith, one day you will read about my journey to the stars!


Community Service

  • Our national service goal is to partner with organizations that support and empower women. Seeds of Hope is one of those amazing organizations. They provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, and faith-based mentoring for homeless women and children. (For state events only.)

  • Contestants will receive a full 10% of your score by donating at least ONE of the following items for these deserving young women: laundry soap/softener, dish soap, paper towels, hand soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, cleaning products, and trash bags. 

  • The contestant that truly demonstrates a heart for this project will be crowned the prestigious title of Community Service Queen. Contestants running for Community Service Queen are encouraged to submit a letter or essay with their donation detailing their community service involvement.

  • To find out more about Seeds of Hope and how you can get involved, please visit their website:


Optional Scoring

  • Our optional competitions are designed to showcase our contestants’ amazing talents! These categories are strictly optional, and will have no influence on the main competition for the Queen title. 

  • Judges will look for confidence, performance, personality and attire depending on each competition.

  • Click HERE for more details about our Optional competitions.


Final Scoring Notes

  • The judges final scores and comments will be sent out 3-4 weeks after the final pageant.

  • If you change your address or email please contact the office to let us know your new information immediately.

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