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Appointed Titles

Apply for your appointed title today HERE!


STATE appointed titles are available for states where we do not host a live pageant. The following states have live events:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North & South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. 


If your state event has already occurred please email the office ( to find out if we have other possible titles in your area.

LOCAL appointed titles are available to all residents (ages 7+) of the United States. See complete details below. ​


State Appointed Titles

  • Receive a State title, crown, and sash

  • Compete against State Queens on the National side of our National competition. 

  • Available to residents of the United States ages 0 & Up 

Local Appointed Titles

  • Choose a title to represent your city, county, or region 

  • Available to all residents of the United States ages 7+

  • Receive a local title and State Excellence crown and sash.

  • Compete against other Excellence Queens on the National Excellence side of our National competition. 


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  • Start your journey to Nationals with only $250 deposit!  Click Here to submit your initial deposit. 

  • After we receive your $250 payment, state contract, and contestant affirmation, an order will be placed for your official delegate crown and sash. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery (sashes are custom embroidered).