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Logo Use Terms

Purpose of This Guide: To ensure the ARB brand remains consistent, respected, and protected from misuse. This guide provides clear instructions on how to use the ARB logo appropriately and legally.

1. Uniformity and Brand Protection: The ARB logo represents the essence of our brand and is a valuable asset. To protect its integrity:

  • Promotional Materials: All promotional materials bearing the ARB logo MUST be ordered through the National office. Independent production of promotional materials with the ARB logo is strictly prohibited.

  • Permissions: If you wish to use the ARB logo for any reason, you MUST obtain explicit permission from the National office.

2. Prohibited Commercial Uses: The ARB logo is not to be used for commercial purposes without official licensing:

  • Selling Products: Using the ARB logo on any product (physical or digital) intended for sale is strictly prohibited. This is not only against our brand guidelines but is also illegal.

  • Official Vendors: Only official vendors that have been vetted and licensed may produce and sell products with the ARB logo. Ensure you purchase all promotional products from these approved vendors.

3. Social Media Ads & Printed Flyers:

  • Pre-Approval Required: Before using the ARB logo on social media advertisements or printed flyers, you MUST submit your design to the National office for review and approval.

  • Permission: Only upon receiving explicit permission from the National office can you use the logo on such platforms or materials.

4. Limited Personal License:

  • Scope: ARB grants a LIMITED license for personal use of the logo. This license is exclusive to you and cannot be transferred, shared, or sold.

  • Commercial Restrictions: Under no circumstances should the logo be used on a commercial product or resold in any form.

  • Unaltered Format: If granted permission, the logo must be applied in its original, unaltered format. No modifications are allowed.

  • Permission Required: To use the logo for personal items, message the National office for explicit permission. If approved, you will receive a high-resolution version of the logo for your specified use.

5. Exclusions Even for Personal Use:

  • Official Products: If ARB has an official vendor for a particular item, personal use of the logo on such items is strictly forbidden. Items may include (but not limited to): print promotional products, jackets, T-shirts, and masks.

6. Examples of Acceptable Personal Use:

  • Personal Decor: An SVG file for a Cricut to cut out the logo for decorating personal items, like a crown box, is acceptable. Always ensure you've received permission before using the logo.

7. Violations and Penalties: Misuse of the ARB logo may lead to legal consequences and sanctions. Adhering to these guidelines ensures you're respecting the ARB trademark and avoiding potential legal complications.

8. Contact: For any questions, permissions, or to report potential misuse, please contact the ARB National office.

By following this guide, you contribute to preserving the integrity and reputation of the ARB brand. We appreciate your understanding and compliance.

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