National Prize Package

Thousands in prizes!


  • Stunning full-round crown

  • Luxury rhinestone-lined sash

  • Cash prize **

  • Custom award

  • Bouquet of flowers

  • Crown case

  • Crystal sash pin

  • Crystal jewelry

  • Jewelry box

  • Fashion bag

  • Car magnets

  • Autograph cards

  • Christmas card

  • Christmas gift

  • Appearance opportunities

  • Opportunities for Pageant Planet features

  • Features in ARB promotional materials

  • Queen's photo shoot

  • Queen's gift swap at Nationals

  • Farewell gift

  • Keepsake copy of National program book

  • Feature in National program book

  • Special seating for family members at Nationals

  • Two admission tickets for family at Nationals

  • One night of hotel accommodations at Nationals (when shared with another National Queen).

  • Plus additional prizes from exclusive sponsors!! ** Check out our amazing 2019 Sponsors

(Following breakdown is for National Queens only, see last paragraph below for National Excellence Queens and Princess Program)

Sweetheart 7-9 years $500 + Special Sponsor Gifts
Pre-Teen 10-12 years $500 + Special Sponsor Gifts
Jr. Teen 13-15 years $750 + Special Sponsor Gifts
Teen 16-18 years $1000 Educational Scholarship
Miss 19-29 years (unmarried) $1000 Educational Scholarship
Ms. 30-44 years (unmarried or married) $500 + Special Sponsor Gifts
Elegant Ms. 45+ years (unmarried or married) $500 + Special Sponsor Gifts
Mrs. all ages (married) Weekend Getaway for Two + Special Sponsor Gifts

Cash prize is contingent on a full court of 5 members. Directors will award a prorated amount for divisions with less than a full court. Cash prize is paid 1/2 after crowning and 1/2 the following year after Nationals providing all of the Queen’s contractual obligations have been met.

Divisions in the Princess Program and National Excellence Queens do not receive a cash prize or additional sponsor gifts, but do receive all of the other amazing awards. The only exception is that National Excellence Queens receive 50% discount on promotional materials. 

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