American Royal Beauties is a family above all else. You walk in as a contestant and leave as family. Our directors, staff, royalty, and parents are here to love, encourage, and support you in every thing you do. Below are detailed experiences our girls have shared since joining the ARB family.  


Sierra Spell, 

National Excellence Jr Teen 2019-2020

I have always been very self-conscious. I never felt like I was good enough for anything. That changed when I joined American Royal Beauties. I was always on my toes, scared I was doing everything wrong. In the ARB system, I know that I can be unforgivingly myself, and I know that the people there are going to accept me no matter what the true “me” might be. ARB has helped me accept who I truly am, and they have made me proud of it. I owe the world to American Royal Beauties.

Abby Walker, National Excellence Queen of Queens 2019-2020, 

National Excellence Teen 2018-2019

American Royal Beauties has been part of my life since 2016 and it has been such a blessing. I proceeded to compete in the ARB IL state pageant in October 2016 and won Miss Illinois Teen, I went to Nationals, June 2017, did not place, but had lots of fun! I decided I wanted to try again with an Excellence title. So in October 2017 I had the title of Miss Land of Lincoln Excellence Teen. At Nationals June 2018 it was my year! I won National Talent & Spokesmodel, and the title of 2018 National Excellence Teen. It was the best moment ever! I came back in June 2019 to pass on my national title but I was honored to be one the two current queens who would receive the title of National Excellence Queen of Queens! I was so excited and it's so great representing this title right now!! My mom is also q part of ARB and was a national queen with me in 2018! ARB is my family and I have made forever friends. I never thought I would reach this level but I'm so blessed and thankful! I highly recommend this system to everyone! Sending love to the entire ARB staff and my sister queens! Thank you for helping me to become a better version of myself!

Braelyn Schmaltz,

Miss Northern States Pre-Teen 2018-2019

2018 was the first time my daughter competed with American Royal Beauties, and I was so impressed with the event. The system is run similar to the big name pageant systems with a small family vibe. I have no doubt that the directors know my daughter by name, and I am glad to part of the ARB family. The directors are very attentive and helpful, I would recommend this system to any of my pageant mom friends!

Allison Snyder, Owner Allison Kaye Hair & Makeup

American Royal Beauties hands down has the best contestants I have ever worked with as a hair and makeup artist. Sarah, the National Director, was kind enough to ask my company Allison Kaye Hair & Makeup to be the official glam squad for the contestants for the weekend. She is extremely organized, kind, and detail oriented. Pageants can be stressful and this was the most fun my team and I have ever had styling a pageant. The staff, contestants, location, and system is AMAZING. We cant wait until next year!

Mariah Mossbauer, National Tiny Excellence Princess 2019-2020

This year was our first pageant with American Royal Beauties. We’ve competed in other natural systems and I have to say the directors here are top notch. They provide excellent direction and guidance and are always available to address questions or concerns. I feel the the system is an even playing field for all contestants and everyone truly wants to see your child succeed. And the pageant Moms, let me tell you about the wonderful pageant Moms! Every single Mom that we came in contact with was genuinely nice and complementary. I was truly floored by the friendliness and warmth of everyone involved in the ARB system. If you are new to the pageant world, you can’t go wrong with trying out ARB - it’s a great atmosphere especially for younger girls!

Krystina Agliata,

Miss Chicago 2019-2020,

National Miss 2018-2019

I have had an extremely positive experience with the ARB family. I have been competing with this system since 2017 and have never been with a more welcoming system! Each state pageant and the national pageant ran extremely smooth and everyone was super helpful! I would 100% recommend this system to a new comer or veteran to the pageant world! Ms Susan and Miss Sarah (and all the staff) put on an amazing show!

Sarah Campbell,

National Queen of Queens 2019-2020, 

National Teen 2018-2019

Everyone leaves as part of the family! Everyone is so welcoming no matter how much past experience you have in pageants. This was one of my first ever pageants and I was so happy to choose this system! The directors and staff are so wonderful as well.

Adalynn Anthony,

National Excellence Princess 2019-2020

ARB is amazing! My biggest thing I love about ARB is how you can be yourself and only yourself, they don't care if you have an expensive dress or a walmart dress, its about giving back to your community! I came in as this shy girl, and 6 months later you wouldn't believe the way I have grown, not only in my confidence, but speaking about what I want or need.

Leah Davis, National Miss 2019-2020

ARB is a great pageant system for anyone and everyone. There is beauty in everything that you do and everyone sees it. It's one big happy family that wants to be there by you and for you, so let them! Hiding away from fellow competitors and age groups is a personal loss for you and your new pageant family. Everyone wants to see people success and at the end of the day, you going home with the crown is a small topping to the unforgettable experiences and friends that you make when you truly give the system your time and effort. ARB is a bunch of supporting women and girls that want to see you succeed no matter what happens. It's a structured yet go-with-the-flow surrounding that is worth every last second.

Gianna Albright,

National Sweetheart 2019-2020

Both at the state pageant and especially at Nationals, I met so many new friends and had so much fun. Coming home with the title has given me so many opportunities to give back to the community. We ran an inflatable 5k for charity (bounce houses!), we helped an orphanage in Kenya and even got to ride in parades...with awesome car magnets! Photo opportunities by the amazing Chris Hawks is just icing on my chocolate cupcake! Thank you Miss Sarah and Miss Susan for this opportunity.

Paisley Boley,

National Princess 2019-2020

Susan and Sarah are very welcoming and helpful! They make you feel part of the family and very special! They treat everyone like a queen. American Royal Beauties are very fair and amazing to be a part of. I would highly recommended this pageant system.

Suzy Davila,

National Jr. Teen 2019-2020

ARB is not only fun, but helps me grow as a leader, and gives me the opportunity to serve my community. I love participating in the optionals, such as runway and spokesmodel. I have also loved all the kind people I have met along the way including our fantastic directors, Susan and Sarah.

Abigail Yenchik,

National Excellence Sweetheart


When I became a part of ARB, I was amazed at how much love there is between the other contestants, sister queens, parents and directors! Yes, it's a competition, but feels like a family! When I went to my state prelim I learned so much about Crown to Serve, which is my favorite part! It's not about winning the crown, it's about what you do with your title! I love doing community service and bringing awareness to my platform, Autism Strong. With crown to serve, I am able to do just that! I've made so many friends and new family members being a part of ARB. The atmosphere of Nationals is so relaxed and fun! When I won my National Excellence Sweetheart title, I was so excited to get out there and serve and promote! ARB has truly changed my life. It's given me strength and courage and helped me with my fear of speaking publicly. It has given me a family!

Meg Nicholas,  National Ms. 2019-2020

National Excellence Ms. 2016-2017

This pageant system is one of the best for so many reasons. They treat you like family and their stellar integrity has led me to love every minute of my time as a titleholder The commitment from the staff to make your pageant experience the very best is second to none.... I have held 2 National titles under the ARB umbrella and currently 2019 Ms ARB National. I would be honored to recommend this system to everyone of all shapes, sizes, and color. 

Allison Kolar,

National Tiny Princess 2019-2020

Our daughter Allison at the age of 3 signed up for her first pageant with ARB and we couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. The directors are kind, generous, thoughtful, welcoming, professional, and just top notch! We were recommended to select this pageant system from the Graybeal family, daughter was a state title holder from Illinois. It was important for us to select a pageant that would help build character, confidence and build awareness for community service efforts. The community service focus for us has been the most rewarding as it has allowed us as parents to introduce our daughter to opportunities that we wouldn’t have done had we not signed up for ARB. At her young age, she has shown compassion and empathy while making new friends during the service projects we’ve participated in over the year. The young ladies at our state and national pageants were wonderful with Allison and she looks up to so many of you! Thank you to Susan and Sarah for an incredible opportunity! You have forever changed Allison’s life! We can only imagine what’s in this little girl’s future as she dreams BIG with a love of pageantry!

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