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Interview Resume

In the links below you will find your Interview Resume Form. It’s very simple to fill out; there are no “trick” questions and there are no right or wrong answers. Your resume is all about you. Just answer truthfully - it’s that easy!


Please note that the resume is only one sheet. Do not exceed one sheet, your resume is only an outline of your activities and should not include details.  Many of you will have more information than you can fit on the page, in these cases, please do your best to condense your activities to fit the space provided. Please use the templates below to complete your resume. Do not change the formatting, font sizing or margins - all resumes should have 1" margins on each side and be written in 12pt Arial font. 

Your resume will be used as a starting point for conversation during your interview. Think of your interview as if you were applying for the job of Queen, ultimately the judges will want to know why you want the position of American Royal Beauties National Queen. Again, there is no right or wrong answer, just be honest! 


A well-prepared resume will be typed and utilize correct grammar, spelling and mechanics. You will upload your Interview Resume when you submit your National Paperwork. Be sure to export your resume to a PDF before uploading, and name the file Age Division_Your Name (example: PreTeen_Susie Smith).


You can find a sample Interview Resume linked here.


I believe in you!  Just be yourself and you will do just fine.


Good Luck Delegates!


Susan West

Executive Director​

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