October 6, 2019

Welcome to your state event!  Our goal is to give you and your family a wonderful experience filled with encouraging memories. Our state events are designed to be a brief glimpse of what you can expect at our national competition.


Required events include: Interview, Formal Wear, and a Community Donation. Interview is weighted at 40% of your score, with Formal Wear being 30%, and your community donation is the remaining automatic 10% of your score (see handbook for more details about required and optional events). 


Optional events include: Runway, Casual Wear, Photogenic, Print Model, Introduction (ages 7+), and Princess Interview (ages 0-6). Optionals are $25 per entry. Please see the handbook for more information. 


Our Michigan event is open to all residents and out-of-state students attending a Michigan university. Members of the court and optional winners can choose to represent their city, county, or state region at Nationals by receiving an Excellence title. 


Join the ARB Family today!  Enter now and be a part of the "Crown to Serve” movement.

State Handbook



81 Chestnut Street Wyandotte, MI 48192

General Information

Age Divisions:​

  • Baby Princess 0-18mos

  • Tiny Princess 19mos-3yrs

  • Princess 4-6 yrs

  • Sweetheart 7-9 yrs

  • Pre-Teen 10-12 yrs

  • Jr. Teen 13-15 yrs

  • Teen 16-18 yrs (Unmarried)

  • Miss  19-29 yrs (Unmarried)

  • Ms. 30-44 yrs (Married or unmarried)

  • Elegant Ms. 45 & Up (Married or unmarried)

  • Mrs. all ages (Married)

State Fees: 


$250 Entry Fee (7 and up); covers registration fee, entry fee, formal wear, interview, and all side awards. 


$150 Entry Fee (0-6 yrs): covers registration fee, entry fee, formal wear, and all side awards.  (This age group does not participate in interview, but it's available as an optional) 

$25 per Optional (all ages)

Admission Ticket for Guests $10. No Hidden Fees.


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