American Royal Beauties is a natural scholarship pageant. We believe in empowering women so they can empower others. We emphasize the importance of community service. Our motto is "Crown to Serve."
ARB has launched the benevolent arm of our organization - Crown to Serve.
This non-profit not only serves the community, but our titleholders as well. The mission of Crown to Serve is to empower women through education, personal development, and financial services. 
We look forward to you joining our family, and being a part of Crown to Serve!

Save the date! American Royal Beauties is coming to your area! Join the 'Crown to Serve' movement today. 


Missed your state event or don't see a live event for your area? No problem! State & local titles are available for every region to advance to Nationals!

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Our National Pageant is open to all residents of the United States. You don't want to miss this spectacular event!  

"I have always been very self-conscious. I never felt like I was good enough for anything. That changed when I joined American Royal Beauties. With ARB, I know that I can be unforgivingly myself, and I know that the people there are going to accept me no matter what the true “me” might be. ARB has helped me accept who I truly am, and they have made me proud of it. I owe the world to American Royal Beauties."


This year was our first pageant with American Royal Beauties. The directors here are top notch. They provide excellent direction and guidance and are always available to address questions or concerns. I feel the the system is an even playing field for all contestants and everyone truly wants to see your child succeed.  Every single Mom that we came in contact was genuinely nice and complementary. I was floored by the friendliness and warmth of everyone involved in the ARB system. If you are new to the pageant world, you can’t go wrong with trying out ARB - it’s a great atmosphere especially for younger girls!


American Royal Beauties hands down has the best contestants I have ever worked with as a hair and makeup artist. Sarah, the National Director, was kind enough to ask my company Allison Kaye Hair & Makeup to be the official glam squad for the contestants for the weekend. She is extremely organized, kind, and detail oriented. Pageants can be stressful and this was the most fun my team and I have ever had styling a pageant. The staff, contestants, location, and system is AMAZING. We cant wait until next year!


Interested in learning more about the ARB Family? Click here to request additional information. Someone will be in touch within the next 48 hours. 

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