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Last updated July 14 at 5:20pm EST

We will be awarding 3 titles: one Queen for the Princess Program ages 0-6, one Queen for the National Program ages 7-18, and one Queen for the National Program ages 19+.


Q: Is this title double-crowned?

A: Yes, this title can be double-crowned and is awarded to the 3 delegates with the highest number of votes in each group (Princess Program ages 0-6, National Program ages 7-18, National Program ages 19+).


Q: Is the leaderboard updated daily?

A: Yes, the leaderboard will be updated daily after July 7th.


Q: When does voting end?

A: Voting ends August 2nd at 11:59pm EST (midnight)


Q: Are you only accepting PayPal?

A: No, you can use both PayPal and debit/credit cards in the online store.

Q: If I win, when do I need to know my charity of choice for donation? 

A: You need to know your charity at the time you are crowned as we will be sending the donation that same day.

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